International Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering

Volume 3, Issue 3, June 2015

  • Measurement of Elemental Compositions of Selected Tropical Wood Species – a Case Study of Pra Anum Forest, Ghana

    S. Aggrey-Smith, K. Preko, F. Wilson, J. Gbadago

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 3, June 2015
    Pages: 34-43
    Received: 19 March 2015
    Accepted: 7 April 2015
    Published: 4 May 2015
    Abstract: The elemental compositions and concentration of major and minor trace elements of twenty (20) tropical hardwoods from the environmental site of Pra Anum forest (longitudes 1o 12’ and 1o 15’ W; latitude 6o 14’ and 6o 20’ N) were determined using Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA). The investigation covered samples from the immediate vic... Show More
  • Relationship of Waist Circumference and Lipid Profile in Children

    Aidah Juliaty, Rizka Anastasia, Dasril Daud, Johan Setyawan Lisal

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 3, June 2015
    Pages: 44-48
    Received: 27 April 2015
    Accepted: 17 May 2015
    Published: 29 May 2015
    Abstract: Introduction: Waist circumference (WC) in children or teenage have a close relation with the prediction to cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus type 2. The person that have a high risk is the children with WC percentile <90 which direct us to a study about the relation of waist circumference and lipid profile in children as an early intervention of prevention of cardiovascular disease in children. Methods: We have done a cross sectional study about the relationship of the waist circumference and lipid profile in children. The study samples are the junior high schools of Nusantara’s, Frater’s, and Islamic Athirah’s that met the criteria. The study was done from July 2012 until January 2013. Results: The study samples that met the study criteria are 86 children with 43 of them are with WC percentile >90 and the rest of 43 with percentile <90. By a multivariate analyses, we obtained 3 variables of lipid profile that have a relation to the WC percentile >90, which a cholesterol level total AOR is 12.621 (95% CI 3.72-94.40), triglyceride is AOR 6.945 (95% CI 1.80-54.67) and the ratio of LDL and HDL cholesterol with AOR 4.025 (95% CI 1.03-17.48). Conclusion: According to the study result, we conclude that the cholesterol frequency occurrence is high; the triglyceride is also high, and the ratio of high LDL and HDL cholesterol are more greats in WC children with percentile >90 rather than the percentile <90.